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JETcopter to Test New Propulsion System

Photo: Photo: JETCopter


Photo: JETCopter


Start-up company JETcopter has announced the launch of tests on a new type propulsion system for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

This new propulsion system consists of two centrifugal air turbines in enclosed housings, each 200m (6.6ft) in diameter, that will rotate in opposite directions at a high RPM to create thrust.

This layout will enable the enclosed housing area to create a lifting force and unload rotors in horizontal flights like aircraft wings.

JETcopter will start tests on a mobile platform shortly to measure generated airflow parameters and test airflow vectoring possibilities.

A statement from JETcopter said: “The compact enclosed rotors propulsion system will be safer in urban areas than helicopters, and the achieved bigger airflow speed could improve performances of next-generation VTOL aircraft.”

The company said: “Aircraft with this propulsion system could open a new class of VTOL aircraft, ´Copterplanes´, efficient VTOL aircraft, that could be used as air taxis for intra or intercity routes or as [a] corporate or private high speed, safe and efficient next-generation copter.”

It is planned to present a full-scale mock-up of the JETcopter at the AERO 2019 aviation exhibition at Friedrichshafen, Germany, in April 2019.

Source: JETCopter

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